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    Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Department Operations Assistant (1)
    Ceramic and Works of Art Department Operations Assistant (1)
    Oil Paintings @ sculpture department operations assistant (1)
    Candidates should possess the following conditions:
    1:either sex, aged 28-35 years;
    2:post-graduate degree or above, Musedogy, Fine Arts Bachelor degree or above;
    3:understanding artwork auction industry
    4:Be interested in the traditional culture, with the spirit of hard-working and study hard;
    5:strong writting, language skills and communication skills;
    6:skillfully use computer; familiar with a variety of office software, proficiency in English or Japanese.

    Interested parties please send your recent photo and resume by mail to: East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing No. 18 Xia Guang Li Cheng Plaza, 9th Floor, Block B International Auction Co., Ltd. Beijing Kuangshi Guo. (Envelope, please note the "candidates") or by E-mail to: lyh@council.com.cn.

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